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Title Author Research Block Date Published
A research pilot project to test the efficacy of current pedorthic practices in the Canadian Forces Holt, L.; Pelham, T.; Robinson, M.; Rowe, P. Trauma Care 2006-07-28
Acceptance of electronic medical records Graser, A.H. Health Care Resource Management 2011-08-01
Acute Compartment Syndrome of the dorsal forearm following noncontact injury Comstock, S.; Crawford, B. Trauma Care 2010-09-17
Adaptation and Psychometric Evaluation of the Canadian Readiness Estimate and Deployability Index Devine, M. Primary Care 2009-03-20
Adherence to Lipid-Lowering Drug Therapy among Members of the Canadian Forces Bennett, C.; Vaillancourt, R. Epidemiology and Population Health 2008-07-17
Anaphylaxis: Assessment of a Disease-Based Military Medical Standard Gervais, A.; Zeindler, P.R. Epidemiology and Population Health 2012-01-01
Are IVC filters required in combat support hospitals? Bennett, DR.; Charlebois, P.; Parent, P.; Schieff, TD; Trottier, V. Trauma Care 2009-09-30
Assessing Response to Changing Plasma:Red Cell Ratios in a Bleeding Trauma Patient Callum, J.; Rizoli, S.; Scarpellini, S.; Tien, H.C.; Tremblay, L. Trauma Care 2012-01-01
Canadian Forces Health Services Advisory Panel on Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Military Operational Settings Panel, Operational Medicine 2008-05-28
Catastrophe surgery: response to multiple casualties or individual patients with devastating injuries McAlister, V. Trauma Care 2009-03-08
Causes of Death of Canadian Forces Members in Afghanistan: Implications on Tactical Combat Casualty Care Provision Brisebois, R.; Garraway, N.; McAlister, V.; Pannell, D.; Talbot, M.; Tien, H.C.; Trottier, V. Operational Medicine 2012-01-01
Comparative Analysis of NATO Resilience Training Programs Adler, A.; Bailey, S.; Delahaij, R.; Fonne, V; Parmak, M.; Van den Berge, C. Mental Health 2011-03-14
Descriptive Analyses of the Recruit Health Questionnaire Dubiniecki, C.; Lee, J.; Whitehead, J. Epidemiology and Population Health 2010-03-19
Design and development of culture-specific pictograms for the labelling of medication for first nation communities Cloutier, M.; Grenier, S.; Pascuet, E.; Preston, C.; Pynn, D.; Turpin, P.M.; Vaillancourt, R.; Wade, J. Primary Care 2012-01-01
Do stigma and other perceived barriers to mental health care differ across Armed Forces? Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2010-03-26
Effects of trauma-related cues on pain processing in posttraumatic stress disorder: an fMRI investigation Coupland, N.J.; Daniels, J.K.; Kao, R.; Mickleborough, M.J.S. Mental Health 2010-05-06
Emergency battlefield cricothyrotomy Macdonald, J.; Tien, H.C. Trauma Care 2008-04-22
Enhanced post-deployment screening Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2010-06-22
Horror comes home: Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder Boswall, M.; Jetly, R.; Richardson, J.; Thompson, J. Mental Health 2010-05-17
Hypertonic saline for peri-operative fluid management Burns, K.E.A.; Church, B.; McAlister, V.; Znajda, T. Trauma Care 2010-01-29
In-Theater Peritoneal Dialysis for Combat-Related Renal Failure Beilman, G.J.; Cushner, H.M.; McAlister, V.; Moghadam, S.; Pina, J. Trauma Care 2010-05-14
Medical Error in Canada: Issues Related to Reporting of Medical Error and Methods to Increase Reporting Butt, A. Health Care Resource Management 2010-02-26
Monocular vision: Occupational limitations and current standards Hollands, J.G.; McFadden, S.M Public and Occupational Health 2011-03-15
MSE OPERATORS Ergonomics and Human Factors Group, Operational Medicine 1999-03-22
NVG Induced Neck Strain and Fatigue Neary, P. Public and Occupational Health 2010-08-20
OPERATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT (OMHA) - I Garber, B.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2010-09-22
Phase I, Open-Label, Fed, Single-dose, Pharmacokinetic, Safety and Tolerance Evaluation of Intramuscularly Administered HI-6 Dimethanesulfonate Jensen, M.; Morelli, G. Operational Medicine 2010-01-12
PREDICTING BASIC TRAINING ATTRITION Lee, J. Epidemiology and Population Health 2010-01-15
Preventing Deaths in the Canadian Military Tien, H.C. Trauma Care 2009-12-12
Prospective Analysis of Canadian Forces Basic Training Attrition Lee, J.; McCreary, D.R.; Villeneuve, M. Epidemiology and Population Health 2010-05-28
Prospective Multifactorial Analysis of CF Basic Trg Attrition Lee, J. Human Resources 2011-07-01
Psychological Support Across Deployment Cycle Cuvelier, Y. Mental Health 2007-01-19
Report of the Canadian Forces Expert Panel on Suicide Prevention Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2010-02-01
Stealth Cell Delivery Systems: Delivering Genetic Payloads for Prophylaxis Against Biological Weapons DRDC Suffield, Operational Medicine 2010-01-04
TBI in deployed personnel- Kandahar 06 to 09 Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2010-08-05
Temporal Trends in Body Mass, Health and Lifestyle in Canadian Forces Recruits Lee, J. Epidemiology and Population Health 2010-08-06
The Cost of Providing Health Care to Injured Soldiers in War Acharya, S.; Pannell, D.; Tien, H.C. Health Care Resource Management 2012-01-01
The Effect of Erythropoietin on Microcirculation Perfusion and Tissue Bioenergetics of the Small Intestine in a Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation Rat Model Kao, R. Trauma Care 2010-06-30
The Lessons Learned from the Canadian Forces Physiotherapy Experience during the Peacekeeping Operations in Bosnia Hébert, L.J.; Rowe, P. Epidemiology and Population Health 2007-08-24
Trauma Is Danger Davis, T.; Elster, E.; Hwang, P.F.; Pannell, D. Trauma Care 2011-03-14
Vision requirements for Infantry Ergonomics and Human Factors Group, Operational Medicine 1998-04-20
VISION STANDARDS FOR AVIONICS TECHNICIANS Ergonomics and Human Factors Group, Operational Medicine 1999-03-22
VISUAL STANDARDS FOR BOATSWAINS Ergonomics and Human Factors Group, Operational Medicine 1999-03-22
Suicide in the Canadian Armed Forces 1995 to 2012 Bogaert, L.; Rolland, E.; Whitehead, J.; Wiens, M. Mental Health 2013-07-01
Multidisciplinary trauma team care in Kandahar, Afghanistan: Current injury patterns and care practices Beckett, A.; Benfield, R.; Elster, E.; Mamczak, C.; Pelletier, P. Trauma Care 2012-03-15
Medical Professional Technical Suicide Review Report Collins, R.; Girard, C.; Matheson, H.; Sedge, P. Mental Health 2013-09-02
Deployment-Related Mental Disorders Among Canadian Armed Forces Personnel Deployed in Support of the Mission in Afghanistan 2001-2008 Boulos, D.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2013-07-15
Longitudinal Analysis of Psychological Resilience and Mental Health in Canadian Military Personnel Returning From Overseas Deployment Lee, J.; Sudom, K.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2013-12-01
Recent Experiences and Challenges of Military Physiotherapists Deployed to Afghanistan: A Qualitative Study Carpenter, C.; Rowe, P. Primary Care 2011-01-01
The Impact of the Mission in Afghanistan on the Mental Health of the Reserve Component of the Canadian Forces Garber, B. Mental Health 2012-12-16
Key Pharmacy Indicators: Capturing workload and measuring operational performance in a Canadian Forces clinic Dagenais, J.; Grenier, S. Primary Care 2013-04-29
Descriptive Results of the Longitudinal Study of Psychological Resilience and Post-Deployment Well-Being Lee, J.; Sudom, K.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2013-07-08
Use of Interferon Gamma Release Assays as Confirmatory Test for Tuberculin Skin Test-Positive Patients in the Canadian Armed Forces Patel, M. Operational Medicine 2014-02-12
Follow-up Survey of the Respondents to the 2002 Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey All, J.; Bryan, S.; Demers, G.; Hartling, B; Lalonde, S.; Provencal, D.; Provost, M. Mental Health 2014-03-05
User Evaluation Trial of Lower Limb Prosthetics Besemann, M; Godsell, P; Honey, J; Peralta-Huertas, J; Spivock, M. Trauma 2014-03-28
The Impact of the Mission in Afghanistan on the Mental Health of the Reserve Component of the Canadian Armed Forces Garber, B. Mental Health 2014-04-24
A Framework for Appraising Individual Readiness for Deployment Buick, F; Pickering, D Human Resources 2013-10-24
Use and Misuse of Ezetimibe: Analysis of Use and Cost in Saskatchewan, a Canadian Jurisdiction With Broad Access Alsabbagh, W; Blackburn, D; Dagenais, J.; Lix, L; Lu, X; Shevchuk, Y.; Teare, G; Yan, L Primary Care 2014-01-31
A Review of Barriers to the Secondary Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Lee, J.; Watkins, K. Primary Care 2013-11-04
Battlefield ethics training: integrating ethical scenarios in high-intensity military field exercises Jetly, R.; Thompson, M. Mental Health 2014-08-14
Deployment-related mental health support: comparative analysis of NATO and allied ISAF partners Boeschoten, M.A.; Castro, C.A.; Delahaij, R.; Greenberg, N.; Jetly, R.; McFarlane, A.C.; Vermetten, E. Mental Health 2014-08-14
Light Treatment Improves Sleep Quality and Negative Affectiveness in High Arctic Residents During Winter Arendt, J.; Brett, K.; Hawton, A.; Love, R.J.; McCreary, D.R.; Paul, M.A. Operational Medicine 2015-01-03
Power Analysis for a proposed Group Randomized Control Trial (GRCT) on the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program Fikretoglu, D.; Liu, A. Mental Health 2014-08-01
Pre- and Post-Release Income: Life After Service Studies Campbell, L.; Dursun, S.; Herron, M.; MacLean, M.B.; McKinnon, K.; Pedlar, D.; Poirier, A.; Sudom, K.; Sweet, J.; Van Til, L. 2014-07-03
Health and Well-Being of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans: Findings from the 2013 Life After Service Survey Dursun, S.; McKinnon, K.; Pedlar, D.; Poirier, A.; Sudom, K.; Sweet, J.; Thompson, J.; Van Til, L. Force Health Protection 2014-07-03
Role of morality in the experience of guilt and shame within the armed forces Jetly, R.; Kiang, M.; Lanius, R.; McKinnon, M.C.; McNeely, H.; Nazarov, A. Mental Health 2015-02-03
Selection of Non-Direct Patient Care Rotations by Entry-Level PharmD students (SENDER Study) Cameron, A.J.; Cheng, D.; Grenier, S.; Ma, J.; Zhang, M. Primary Care 2015-04-01
Summary Report on the 2011-2012 Evaluation of the Born, J.; Dubiniecki, C.; Lee, J.; Pierre, A. Mental Health 2015-03-01
Sleep deficits in the High Arctic summer in relation to light exposure and behaviour: use of melatonin as a countermeasure Arendt, J.; Brett, K.; Hawton, A.; Love, R.J.; McCreary, D.R.; Paul, M.A. Operational Medicine 2014-12-19
2013 Synthesis of Life After Service Studies Campbell, L.; Dursun, S.; Herron, M.; Macintosh, S.; MacLean, M.B.; Pedlar, D.; Sudom, K.; Thompson, J.; Van Til, L. 2014-07-03
Medical Professional Technical Suicide Review Report Heber, A.; Roux, S. Mental Health 2015-01-16
Valcartier Injury Surveillance Pilot Project – Final Surveillance Report – June 1, 2010 – December 31, 2012 Directorate Force Health Protection/ Epidemiology, ; Fung, L.; Payne, E.; Rolland-Harris, E.; Vallée, N.M.; Werker, D. Mental Health 2014-03-05
Beyond Battlemind: Evaluation of a New Mental Health Training Program for Canadian Forces Personnel Participating in Third-Location Decompression Bailey, S.; Garber, B.; Guest, K.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2012-11-01
Drivers fo the Perceived Value of a Third-Location Decompression Program for Canadian Forces Personnel Returning from Afghanistan Garber, B.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2012-12-01
Evaluation of a Third-Location Decompression Program for Canadian Forces Members Returning from Afghanistan Garber, B.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2012-04-01
How Much Distress Is Too Much on Deployed Operations? Validation of the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10) for Application in Military Operational Settings Blanc, S.; Edge, H.; Hill, K.; Ivey, G.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2014-07-04
Mental Health of Canadian Forces Members While on Deployment to Afghanistan Garber, B.; Jetly, R.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2012-12-01
Postdeployment Military Mental Health Training: Cross-National Evaluations Adler, A.; Castro, C.A.; Foran, H.; Greenberg, N.; Mulligan, K.; Wray, M.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2012-11-19
Prevalence and Correlates of Mental Health Problems in Canadian Forces Personnel Who Deployed in Support of the Mission in Afghanistan: Findings From Postdeployment Screenings, 2009-2012 Garber, B.; Rusu, C.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2014-06-01
Stigma and Barriers to Mental Health Care in Deployed Canadian Forces Personnel Sudom, K.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2012-01-01
Suicide Prevention in Military Organizations Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2011-04-01
The Impact of the Military Mission in Afghanistan on Mental Health in the Canadian Armed Forces: A Summary of Research Findings Boulos, D.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2014-06-12
R&D Study: Coagulopathy in Trauma: a Comparative Study between Peng, H.; Rizoli, S. Trauma 2015-10-18
Binomial Classification Based On DLENE Features In Sparse Representation: Application in Kidney Detection in 3d Ultrasound Marsousi, M.; Plataniotis, K.N. Trauma Care 2015-03-08
Atlas-Based Segmentation of Abdominal Organs in 3D Ultrasound, and its Application in Automated Kidney Segmentation Marsousi, M.; Plataniotis, K.N.; Stergiopoulos, S. Trauma Care 2015-06-05
Screening for Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults Fan, T.; Rossi, C. 2015-07-15
The Mental Health of Those Who Serve Canada Pirie, S.D. Mental Health 2015-11-16
Portable 3D/4D Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System (PUDIS) Freibert, A.; Konstantinos, K.; Noll, M.; Sakas, G.; Speicher, D.; Stergiopoulos, S.; Weber, P.; Wesarg, S. Trauma Care 2015-11-13
Caring for Older Adults in Disasters: A Curriculum for Health Professionals – Working with Caregivers Altman, B.A.; Gulley, K.H.; Rossi, C.; Schor, K. Operational Medicine 2015-09-14
Caring for Older Adults in Disasters: A Curriculum for Health Professionals - Capstone Activity Altman, B.A.; Kelly Gulley, K.; Rossi, C. Operational Medicine 2015-09-14
Characterizing the Relationship Between Tick Bites and Lyme Disease in Active Component U.S. Armed Forces in the Eastern United States DeFraites, R.F.; Olsen, C.; Rohrbeck, P.; Rossi, C.; Stromdahl, E.Y. Force Health Protection 2015-03-31
Automated Kidney Segmentation in Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Images Marsousi, M.; Plataniotis, K.N.; Stergiopoulos, S. Trauma Care 2015-11-13
A Portable 3D Ultrasound Telemedicine System Sakas, G.; Stergiopoulos, S. Trauma 2015-11-13
Primary Care Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Illicit Drug and Nonmedical Pharmaceutical Use in Children Fan, T.; Rossi, C. Primary Care 2015-05-28
Shape-Based Kidney Detection and Segmentation in Three-Dimensional Abdominal Ultrasound Images Marsousi, M.; Plataniotis, K.N.; Stergiopoulos, S. Trauma Care 2015-01-14
Free Fluid Detection for Blunt Abdominal Trauma Applying 3D Ultrasound Noll, M.; Stergiopoulos, S.; Wesarg, S. Trauma Care 2015-11-13
Computer-Assisted 3D Ultrasound Probe Placement for Emergency Healthcare Applications Marsousi, M. Trauma Care 2015-10-22
Urinary Tract Infections in Active Component U.S. Armed Forces Women Before and After Routine Screening Pap Examination Clark, L.L.; Hunt, D.J.; Rohrbeck, P.; Rossi, C. Primary Care 2015-06-26
A comparison of metrics for impulse noise exposure: Analysis of noise data from small calibre weapons Nakashima, A. Force Health Protection 2015-11-01
To develop a regional ICU mortality prediction model during the first 24 h of ICU admission utilizing MODS and NEMS with six other independent variables from the Critical Care Information System (CCIS) Ontario, Canada Donner, A.; Kao, R.; Priestap, F. Trauma Care 2016-02-29
Severe Ebola Virus Disease In A Sierra Leonean HCW - Case Report: A Health Care Worker with Ebola Virus Disease and Adverse Prognostic Factors Treated in Sierra Leone Clay, K.A.; Craig, D.G.; Espina, M.; Horne, S.; Johnston, A.M.; Kao, R.; Lewis, S.; Moore, A.J.; O’Shea, M.K.; Praught, J. Force Health Protection 2016-02-22
Induction of acute lung inflammation in mice with hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation: role of HMGB1 Kao, R.; Martin, C.M.; Mele, T.; Parry, N.; Xenocostas, A.; Xu, X. Trauma Care 2014-10-08
The healthcare workers’ clinical skill set requirements for a uniformed international response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa: the Canadian perspective Charlebois, P.; Kao, R.; Marion, D. Force Health Protection 2016-01-18
Impact of personal protective equipment on clinical output and perceived exertion Craig, D.G.; Kao, R.; Maynard, S.L. Force Health Protection 2015-09-23
Neuroanatomical features in soldiers with post‑traumatic stress disorder Dunkley, B.T.; Jetly, R.; Pang, E.W.; Sussman, D.; Taylor, M.J. Mental Health 2016-03-31
Delivering Flexible Education and Training to Health Professionals: Caring for Older Adults in Disasters Altman, B.A.; Gulley, K.H.; Rossi, C.; Schor, K.; Strauss-Riggs, K. Operational Medicine 2016-05-01
Military Occupational Outcomes in Canadian Armed Forces Personnel with and without Deployment-Related Mental Disorders Boulos, D.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2016-04-25
Deployment Stressors: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Members of the Canadian Armed Forces Watkins, K. Mental Health 2014-09-01
Association of Combat Experiences with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among Canadian Military Personnel Deployed in Support of the Mission in Afghanistan Sudom, K.; Watkins, K.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2016-02-16
Allocation of dentists to Canadian Armed Forces dental clinics: A comparison between two human resource planning models Shaw, J.L. Human Resources 2015-09-30
The Optimization of the Management of Lateral Ankle Sprains by Canadian Armed Forces Physiotherapists Agur, A.; Hébert, L.J.; Robitaille, E.; Switzer-McIntyre, S. Primary Care 2015-04-01
A Pragmatic Randomized Trial of Manual Therapy and Exercise for Lateral Ankle Sprains Agur, A.; Hébert, L.J.; Robitaille, E.; Switzer-McIntyre, S. Primary Care 2016-07-10
Real-time modulation of visual feedback on human full-body movements in a virtual mirror: development and proof-of-concept Roosink , M.; Robitaille, N.; Hébert, L.J.; Jackson, P.L.; Bouyer, L.J.; Mercier, C.; McFadyen, B.J. Primary Care 2015-01-05
Assessing the Perception of Trunk Movements in Military Personnel with Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain Using a Virtual Mirror Roosink , M.; McFadyen, B.J.; Hébert, L.J.; Jackson, P.L.; Bouyer, L.J.; Mercier, C. Primary Care 2015-03-23
Do shorter delays to care and mental health system renewal translate into better occupational outcome after mental disorder diagnosis in a cohort of Canadian military personnel who returnred from Afghanistan deployment? Boulos, D.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2015-11-02
Interactive Virtual Reality Real-Time Avatar for Military Rehabilitation in the Canadian Forces Hébert, L.J.; McFadyen, B.J.; Robitaille, N.; Larochelle, J.; Mercier, C.; Jackson, P.L.; Bouyer, L.J.; Fecteau, S.; Richards, C.L. Primary Care 2016-08-10
Evaluation of Simulator-Induced Sickness Symptoms, Postural Stability, and the Effect of Optic Flow on Gait in the CAREN Virtual Environment for Canadian Armed Forces Members Sinitski, E.H.; Thompson, A.A.; Godsell, P; Honey, J; Besemann, M; Wilken, J.M. Primary Care 2016-04-01
2016 Report on Suicide Mortality in the Canadian Armed Forces (1995 to 2015) Rolland-Harris, E.; Cyr, E.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2016-12-02
Evaluation of clinical stereopsis tests for use in aircrew vision assessment Glaholt, M.G.; Spivak, T.; Sacripanti, B. Operational Medicine 2017-06-01
Evaluation of computer-based colour vision tests and recommendations for aircrew colour vision assessment protocol Glaholt, M.G.; Hovis, J.K. Operational Medicine 2017-09-01
Assessment of the Next Generation of Colour Vision Tests for Pilots and Aircrew Hovis, J.K.; Almustanyir, A. Operational Medicine 2017-09-01
A comparison of two viscoelastic testing systems for goal‐guided administration of fibrinogen concentrate in severe trauma: TEG® and ROTEM® Nascimento, B.; Garzon, A.M.; Peng, H. Trauma Care 2016-10-01
Development of physiologically-based mathematical models for hemostatic resuscitation in trauma: Bio-mathematical models for trauma resuscitation Peng, H.; Sweeny, S. Trauma Care 2016-11-01
Fibrinogen in the initial resuscitation of severe trauma (FiiRST): a randomized feasibility trial Nascimento, B.; Callum, J.; Tien, H.C.; Peng, H.; Rizoli, S.; Karanicolas, P.; Alam, A.; Xiong, W.; Selby, R.; Garzon, A.M.; Colavecchia, C.; Howald, R.; Nathens, A.; Beckett, A. Trauma Care 2016-10-15
The need for a robust 24/7 subspecialty “clearing house” response for telementored trauma care Kirkpatrick, A.W.; Hamilton, D.; Beckett, A.; LaPorta, A.; Brien, S.; Glassberg, E.; Ball, C.G.; Roberts, D.J.; Tien, H.C. Trauma Care 2014-10-14
Technical innovations that may facilitate real-time telementoring of damage control surgery in austere environments: a proof of concept comparative evaluation of the importance of surgical experience, telepresence, gravity and mentoring in the conduct of damage control laparotomies Kirkpatrick, A.W.; LaPorta, A.; Brien, S.; Leslie, T.; Glassberg, E.; McKee, J.; Ball, C.G.; Wright-Beatty, H.E.; Keillor, J.; Roberts, D.J.; Tien, H.C. Trauma Care 2014-11-18
Damage control surgery in weightlessness: A comparative study of simulated torso hemorrhage control comparing terrestrial and weightless conditions Kirkpatrick, A.W.; McKee, J.; Tien, H.C.; LaPorta, A.; Lavell, K.; Leslie, T.; King, D.R.; McBeth, P.B.; Brien, S.; Roberts, D.J.; Franciose, R.; Wong, J.; McAlister, V.; Bouchard, D.; Ball, C.G. Trauma Care 2016-10-04
The marriage of surgical simulation and telementoring for damage-control surgical training of operational first responders: A pilot study Kirkpatrick, A.W.; Tien, H.C.; LaPorta, A.; Lavell, K.; Keillor, J.; Wright-Beatty, H.E.; McKee, J.; Brien, S.; Roberts, D.J.; Wong, J.; Ball, C.G.; Beckett, A. Trauma Care 2015-09-15
C-peptide attenuates acute lung inflammation in a murine model of hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation by reducing gut injury Kao, R.; Xu, X.; Xenocostas, A.; Parry, N.; Mele, T.; Martin, C.M.; Rui, T. Trauma Care 2017-04-27
Injury profile suffered by targets of antipersonnel improvised explosive devices: prospective cohort stud Smith, S.; Devine, M.; Taddeo, J.; McAlister, V. Trauma Care 2017-06-21
A Randomized Comparison Between Neurostimulation and Ultrasound-Guided Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block Gupta, G.; Radhakrishna, M.; Tamblyn, I.; Tran, D.Q.H. ; Besemann, M; Thonnagith, A.; Elgueta, M.F.; Robitaille, E.; Finlayson, R.J. Trauma Care 2017-09-01
Review of the Royal Canadian Air Force Air Sickness Desensitization Program 2000-2013 Morrell, R.A. Operational Medicine 2017-01-01
Impact of Policy Change on Pharmacists’ Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions (IMPACT Study) Ma, J.; Roy, R. Primary Care 2017-08-17
A pilot study of surgical telementoring for leg fasciotomy Talbot, M.; Harvey, E.J.; Berry, G.K.; Reindl, R. ; Tien, H.C.; Stinner, D.J.; Slobogean, G. Trauma Care 2017-07-06
Tele-mentored damage control and emergency trauma surgery: A feasibility study using live-tissue models Dawe, P.; Kirkpatrick, A.W.; Talbot, M.; Beckett, A.; Garraway, N.; Joos, E.; Pannell, D.; Wong, H.; Hameed, M. Trauma Care 2017-04-08
Ultrasound-assisted external fixation: a technique for austere environments Talbot, M.; Harvey, E.J.; Reindl, R. ; Schneider, P. Trauma Care 2015-11-19
Resting-state hippocampal connectivity correlates with symptom severity in post-traumatic stress disorder Dunkley, B.T.; Doesburg, S.M.; Sedge, P.; Grodecki, R.J.; Shek, P.N.; Pang, E.W.; Taylor, M.J. Mental Health 2014-08-01
Threatening faces induce fear circuitry hypersynchrony in soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder Dunkley, B.T.; Pang, E.W.; Sedge, P.; Jetly, R.; Doesburg, S.M.; Taylor, M.J. Mental Health 2015-12-30
Soldiers with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder See a World Full of Threat: Magnetoencephalography Reveals Enhanced Tuning to Combat-Related Cues Todd, R.M.; MacDonald, M.J.; Sedge, P.; Robertson, A.; Jetly, R.; Taylor, M.J.; Pang, E.W. Mental Health 2015-08-10
Colour or shape: examination of neural processes underlying mental flexibility in posttraumatic stress disorder Pang, E.W.; Sedge, P.; Grodecki, R.J.; Robertson, A.; MacDonald, M.J.; Jetly, R.; Taylor, M.J. Mental Health 2014-08-05
Disturbed EEG sleep, paranoid cognition and somatic symptoms identify veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder Moldofsky, H.; Rothman, L.; Kleinman, R.; Rhind, S.G.; Richardson, J. Mental Health 2016-10-20
2017 Report on Suicide Mortality in the Canadian Armed Forces (1995 to 2016) Rolland-Harris, E. Mental Health 2017-10-30
Rapport de 2017 sur la mortalité par suicide dans les Forces armées canadiennes (de 1995 à 2016) Rolland-Harris, E. Mental Health 2017-10-30
Effectiveness of Directional Preference to Guide Management of Low Back Pain in Canadian Armed Forces Members: A Pragmatic Study Franz, A.; Lacasse, A.; Donelson, R.; Tousignant-Laflamme, Y. Primary Care 2017-11-01
Stressors Experienced During Deployment Among Canadian Armed Forces Personnel: Factor Structure of Two Combat Exposure Scales Sudom, K.; Watkins, K.; Born, J.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2016-12-12
Are military personnel with a past history of mental health care more vulnerable to the negative psychological effects of combat? Zamorski, M.; Watkins, K.; Rusu, C. Mental Health 2014-06-02
Moderating Effect of Marital Status on the Association Between Combat Exposure and Post-Deployment Mental Health in Canadian Military Personnel Watkins, K.; Lee, J.; Zamorski, M. Mental Health 2017-02-02
Battlefield Trauma Training: A Pilot Study Comparing the Effects of Live Tissue vs. High Fidelity Patient Simulator on Stress, Cognitive Function and Performance Vartanian, O.; Tenn, C.; Sullivan-Kwantes, W.; Blackler, K.; Smith, I.; Peng, H.; Jarmasz, J.; Caddy, N.; Pannell, D.; Bouak, F.; Saunders, D.; Tien, H.C. Trauma Care 2016-11-10
Healthcare inflation costs in Canada : What are the main predictors of healthcare expenditures ? Tchouaket, E.; Blackburn, D; Robichaud, F.; Sia, D. Health Care Resource Management 2017-11-09
Shoulder proprioception: How is it measured and is it reliable? A systematic review Ager, A. L.; Roy , J. S.; Mus, R. M. R.; Belley, A. F.; Cools, A.; Hébert, L.J. Primary Care 2017-05-05
Medical Encounters During a Joint Canadian/U.S. Exercise in the High Arctic (Exercise Arctic Ram) Sullivan-Kwantes, W.; Dhillon, P.; Goodman, L.; Knapik, J.J. Operational Medicine 2017-09-01
Overall mortality of Canadian Armed Forces personnel enrolled 1976–2012 Rolland-Harris, E.; Weeks, M.; Simkus, K.; Van Til, L. Epidemiology and Population Health 2018-01-18
The Canadian Forces Cancer and Mortality Study II: a longitudinal record-linkage study protocol Rolland-Harris, E.; Van Til, L.; Zamorski, M.; Boulos, D.; Reicker, A.; Masoud, H.; Trudeau, R.; Weeks, M.; Simkus, K. Force Health Protection 2018-12-10
A Survey of Canadian Armed Forces Nursing Officers’ Knowledge of Blood Transfusions Teed, S.; Schmid, J.; Franc, J. Operational Medicine 2018-04-28
Trouble concomitant de stress post-traumatique et d’utilisation des substances chez les militaires canadiens francophones : Perception du fonctionnement social au terme du traitement Sénéchal, J. Mental Health 2018-08-31
The Effectiveness of an Upper Extremity Neuromuscular Training Program on the Shoulder Function of Military Members With a Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Ager, A. L.; Roy , J. S.; Gamache, F; Hébert, L.J. Primary Care 2018-11-13
Post-deployment reintegration satisfaction and events impacting well-being in Canadian Armed Forces Primary Army Reservists D'Agata, M.; Easterbrook, B.; Nazarov, A.; Pickering, D Epidemiology and Population Health 2019-02-01
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